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 Designed by Karl Heinz Drescher, photo by P. Paukschta (of Bertolt Brecht) 1973 for Brecht Week Print Combine Berlin (East Germany) Offset litho. Run of 2000 81.2x 57cm.
Posters for sale by auction at the International Poster Center

Designed by Gerhard Oschatz 1986 East Germany print run 4000, offset litho. Print Combine Berlin Size 81.2 x 57.5

Posters for sale by auction at the International Poster Center

"The first day of freedom" designed by Karl Heinz Drescher, 1975 East Germany 81.2x 57.4cm
Print Combine Berlin print run 1000 Poster for overground mass transit publicity. Offset Litho.

In praise of the Revolutionary, Karl Marx appears through the text of the Communist Manifesto, text in German with poem by Brecht in German, French, English, Russian and Spanish below. By Karl Heinz Drescher 1986 size 81.2 x 57.4cm Print run 800

"In Praise of the Revolutionary" Theatre Evening specially for the 11th Party Congress of the Socialist Unity Party, East Germany print run 800 print Combine Berlin.

Cigares. Berlin Ensemble poster early 1990s.

Eva Braun Hilter's love early 1990s

Berliner Ensemble poster from mid 1990s

The yes sayer and the nay sayer early 1990s Berliner Ensemble

Concert of Brecht songs. early 1990s

Shakespeare play Pericles early 1990s


Size 81.2 x 57.5cm Print run 2000 East Germany 1983 Designed by Karl Heinz Drescher. Bookprint Print Combine Berlin


Karl Heinz Drescher 1979 East Germany "When I Returned" concerns Brecht's return to the ruins of Berlin in 1947, Silkscreen print run of 1500, Size 57.5 x81 cm

Celestina is by Karl Heinz Drescher, 1974 East Germany printed in a run of 1500 by the Rudi Arndt factory school.  Size 81 x 57cm

Produced in a run of 1000 by Print Combine Berlin on May 6th 1989 with a photo by Ute Eichel Designed by Karl Heinz Drescher. East Germany. Size 81.2 x 57.5cm

Designed by Karl Heinz Drescher in 1986 using book print. Size 81.2 x 57.5cm
This poster for Lorca's Comedy Without Title shows a drawing by F. Garcia Lorca himself, the layout of the poster is by Karl Heinz Drescher. It is from East Germany 1986,  bookprint, a run of 1200 by Print Combine Berlin.

This poster was designed by one of the most influential DADA founders John Heartfield and his brother Wieland Herzfelde in 1954. Heartfield produced powerful political photomontage in pre-war Germany, fled Hitler's regime and worked in East Germany after the war. Size 81.2 x 57.4cm