Bertolt Brecht and the Berliner Ensemble - posters by Karl-Heinz Drescher 2006 Exhibition at the Hamburg Museum for Art and Design

The National Theatre at the Old Vic presents The Berliner Ensemble by the Fraser Muggeridge Studio London design for Berliner Ensemble

I lived in East Berlin in the 1980s and have collected posters of the Berliner Ensemble over 27 years. The posters range from the 1950s to the 1990s, most were used on billboards or in train and undergound stations. They are unique art works and provide a historical record of the visual attempt to gain an audience for Brecht's Marxist theory of the Epic theatre. The posters might be called Epic posters. East Germany had no commercial advertising to speak of, so political and cultural events were the main focus of poster production. The Berliner Ensemble gathered some of the greatest cultural and artistic talent in Germany to work on the project including Karl Von Appen, Casper Neher, John Heartfield and Vera Tenschert. Karl Heinz Drescher was the most enduring poster producer for the Berliner Ensemble in East German times.


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